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Pécs, Hungary’s fifth largest city, lies in the southern part of the country. It is a gateway to Croatia, the Balkans and to Northern Italy. Mysterious Roman crypts, domed Turkish mosques and a slender minaret, fine Zsolnay porcelain, grand Csontváry paintings, decorative Vasarely patterns, almond trees in full blossom in early spring, pleasant restaurants and cafés – all of this is Pécs, a 2,000 year-old city at the foot of the Mecsek hills with a Mediterranean climate and atmosphere. The vicinity of the Adriatic, the winding streets of the historic centre, the teeming life of the early summer evenings all evoke the feeling of a Mediterranean region. At the same time, Pécs is a regional cultural and university centre. Traditions derived from its cultural heritage and from artistic innovation shape its present character. Pécs was a European Capital of Culture in 2010.
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Szechenyi Square

Széchenyi Square is the bustling center of downtown Pécs, which can be a perfect photo venue
for visitors due to its beautiful buildings. 
The elegant, Mediterranean atmosphere of the square perfectly conveys the feeling of life in Pécs. Many sights can be seen here, such as the mosque of Pasha Gázi Kászim, the Zsolnay Fountain or the bronze equestrian statue of János Hunyadi.
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Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

The real jewel of the city is the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, where the history of the long-established Zsolnay family and the porcelain factory come to life. There are many statues and buildings worth photographing in the district. In addition,
interesting exhibitions, craft shops and a variety of programs await visitors.
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St. Peter and St. Paul's Basilica

The four-tower St. Peter's Basilica is an emblematic building of the city of Pécs. The Basilica has clean, neo-Romanesque features. The choir consists of
the Angster organ with 6101 whistles, and the
side chapels are lined with paintings by
Bertalan Székely and Károly Lotz.
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Cella Septichora Visitor Center

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, IV. century early Christian tombs and burial
chambers will be unearthed after more than 1,600 years to allow visitors to explore the unparalleled underground world by modern means.
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Csontváry Museum

One of the most famous of Pécs's numerous museums is the Csontváry Museum, where visitors can meet the paintings of Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry, which captivates almost everyone and has a special
world of colors and symbols.
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Built in the 19th century, Flora Rest is the perfect place to take special photos. The lookout also has
a wooden swing from which you can admire the beautiful panorama from a height of 404 meters. 
It is located in the Mecsek Mountains, to the left of the old Pécs amusement park. It can also be reached by car and bus, but a few minutes walk is definitely waiting for us if we want to get to the swing.
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