Special Session Themes

S01.  Ecosystem Services Quantification and Regional Science: Addressing pitfalls
         Convenor(s): Dani Broitman
S02.  Building Resilient Public Sectors
Convenor(s): Ilona Bartuseviciene
S03.  Opportunities, risks and challenges of the digital transformation in tourism. Sustainability,         
         Sharing hospitality and CoVid-19

Convenor(s): Matteo Beghelli, Nicola Camatti
S04.  Sustainability, water and energy use in the productive sectors: tourism, services,           
agriculture and public administrations
        Convenor(s): Javier Sánchez-Rivas García, Francisco Sánchez del Cubo
S05.  Culture and Narratives through Time and Space
        Convenor(s): Annie Tubadji, Talita Greyling, Sasha Talavera, Frederic Boy
S06.  Climate adaptation challenges on regional and urban scale - the new form of regional inequalities
        Convenor(s): Attila Buzási, Mária Szalmáné Csete
S07.  Researching Vulnerability: Spatiality and lived experiences to climate change
        Convenor(s): Manoranjan Ghosh, Hemant Kumar
S08.  Regional Disparities in the post-COVID Tourism Industry of East-Central Europe
         Convenor(s): Melinda Jászberényi, Márta Bakucz, Katalin Ásványi
S09.  Structural transformation of retail chains in the outer zones of urban agglomerations.
quantitative changes and new location patterns.
        Convenor(s): Krystian Heffner, Małgorzata Twardzik
S10. Counterfactual methods for regional policy evaluation
        Convenor(s): Elena Ragazzi, Lisa Sella, Marco Mariani
S11. The Relevance of Digitalization for Clusters and Entrepreneurship - Empirical Studies of
Relationships and Policy
        Convenor(s): Masoumeh Ghorbani, Fatih Celebioglu, Thomas Brenner
S12. Multi-Level Governance through the Core Network for Sustainable Development –Building Green and 
        Digital Skills for Sustainability
        Convenor(s): Cristina Lincaru, Daniela-Luminita Constantin, Adriana Grigorescu, Ștefania Deák, 
        Luminița Bălălău, Speranța Pîrciog, Cătălin Ghinararu
S13. Governance challenges in the periphery of European Union
        Convenor(s): Ilona Pálné Kovács, Réka Horeczki
S14. Electrification of transport in cities and regions: deepening spatial disparities or an opportunity for 
       economic growth?
       Convenor(s): Nazmiye Balta-Ozkan, Brian H.S. Kim, Jaewon Lim
S15. Supply Chains, Production Networks and Regions
        Convenor(s): Erik Braun, Sándor Juhász
S16. Urban development of Central and Eastern Europe with special emphasis on regional centers
        Convenor(s): Ádám Páthy, János Rechnitzer
S17. The new geography of labor market inequalities
        Convenor(s): Orsa Kekezi, Martin Henning
S18. From tourism through migration to circulation – the governance of territorial mobilities
        Convenor(s): Sándor Illés, Brigitta Zsótér
S19. Networks, Interaction, and Inequalities in Cities
        Convenor(s): Balazs Lengyel, Emmanouil Tranos
S20. Historical Roots of Regional Entrepreneurship and Innovation
       Convenor(s): Michael Fritsch, Maria Greve, Korneliusz Pylak, Michael Wyrwich
S21. Regional inequalities and digitalization in less developed European regions
        Convenor(s): Zsófia Vas
S22. Commons as enablers of territorial transition: evidences, assessment and theoretical perspectives
        Convenor(s): Leïla Kebir, Artur Ochojski, Adam Polko, Frederic Wallet
S23.  Effects of Digitalization and COVID19 on regional employment       
        Convenor(s): Rolf Sternberg, Sarra Ben Yahmed
S24. Structural Change and Resilience in Local Labour Markets
        Convenor(s): Zoltán Elekes, Martin Henning, Rikard Eriksson
S25. The spatial dimensions of productivity for regional growth       
        Convenor(s): Rudiger Ahrend, Alexander Lembcke, Alessandra Proto, Alexandra Tsvetkova,             
        Wessel Vermeulen

S26. The Spatial Reorganization of Working and Living: New Opportunities for Peripheral Regions?
        Convenor(s): Martijn Smit, Veronique Schutjens, Aleid Brouwer
S27. Borders and Borderlands – Integration and Cohesion in (Central) Europe
        Convenor(s): James W. Scott, Szilárd Rácz, Péter Balogh
S28. Aligning entrepreneurship, sustainability and regional policy
       Convenor(s): Marcus Dejardin, Michael Fritsch, Maria Greve, Michael Wyrwich
S29. National Regions in regional development – National, ethnic, cultural, religious, and linguistic 
        renaissance of European regions and identities
        Convenor(s): Márton Péti
S30. Suburbanization, urban sprawl, and their impact on the environment in Central Europe
        Convenor(s): Tamás Hardi
S31. Evaluation of safety and security policies
        Convenor(s): Laurent Carnis, Elena Ragazzi, Dominique Mignot
S32. Digital competences in a migratory context: knowledge – attitudes – skills
        Convenor(s): Roberta Ricucci
S33. Local Rural Perspectives on Disparities in a Digitalising (Post-COVID) Europe
        Convenor(s): Kyra Tomay, Tamás Ragadics, Bucher Eszter
S34. Challenges for regional planning in the age of digitalization
        Convenor(s): Attila Korompai, Ágnes Varga
S35. Complex Networks in Economics and Innovation
        Convenor(s): Morgan R. Frank, Michele Coscia
S36. Research and innovation policies and their role in fostering local development, digitization and 
        innovation potential
        Convenor(s): Andrea Conte, Javier Barbero Jimenez, Eugenia Shevtsova
S37. Disparities in a Digitalising  Islands: Networks, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development
       Convenor(s): Simona Cafieri
S38. Urban Dynamics in the Era of Digitalisation
        Convenor(s): Tamas Gyulai
S39. Cohesion Policy, innovation, twin transitions, territorial competitiveness and divide
        Convenor(s): Andrea Conte, Anabela Marques Santos, Eugenia Shevtsova
S40. Innovation catalysts, regional development and unintended consequences
        Convenor(s): Tania Fernández García, André Carrascal Incera,Tasos Kitsos
S41. Corporate Competitiveness from Societal Perspective
        Convenor(s): Adrienn Reisinger
S42. Territorial aspects of circular economy transition
        Convenor(s): Viktor Varjú
S43. Community resilience and social vulnerability
        Convenor(s): András Molnár
S44. Assessing tourism sustainability and resilience: new data, methods and tools
       Convenor(s): Filipe Batista e Silva, Paola Proietti
S45. Ecological Transition: Planning Strategy for Scenarios and Emblematic Cases
        Convenor(s): Stefano Aragona, Francesca Assennato, Sandro Fabbro, Fabiola Fratini, Gabriella
        Pultrone, Paolo Salonia

S46. Long-term Development Perspectives, Barriers, and Challenges in Central and Eastern European
       Regions: A Survey of the Next Decades

       Convenor(s): Zoltan Gal, Gabor Lux
S47. Social and business innovations for local and regional development
        Convenor(s): Atilla Havas, Judit Keller, Gergő Medve-Bálint, Tünde Virág
S48. The impact of digitalisation upon tourism development
        Convenor(s): Gabriela Carmen Pascariu, Bogdan-Constantin Ibanescu
S49.  Drivers and impacts of migration: new insights on the role of local labour markets, human capital,
         personality and (family) networks

         Convenor(s): Maria Abreu, Bianca Biagi, Stephan Brunow, Viktor Venhorst
S50.  Agglomeration Patterns in the Video Games Industry
         Convenor(s): Josep-Maria Arauzo-Carod, Miguel Manjón-Antolín, Carles Méndez Ortega
S51.  Digital platforms, servitisation and local labour markets
         Convenor(s): Roberta Capello, Camilla Lenzi, Elisa Panzera
S52.  Foreign Direct Investments, trade and local development: drivers and impacts
         Convenor(s): Anna D'Ambrosio, Luigi Benfratello
S53.  How to link multiple spatial scales in circularity transitions?
         Convenor(s): Sébastien Bourdin, Eveline van Leeuwen, André Torre
S54.  Income distribution and individuals’ perceptions of inequality
         Convenor(s): Alessandra Faggian, Alessandra Michelangeli, Katerina Tkach
S55.  InfrastructureInvestment and Post-Covid Sustainable Recovery
         Convenor(s): Júlio Vicente Cateia, Maurício Vaz Lobo Bittencourt
S56.  Assessingthe socio-economic impact of digitalization in rural areas
         Convenor(s): Maryline Filippi, Gianluca Brunori, André Torre, Fréderic Wallet
S57.  Financinggreen transition of cities
         Convenor(s): Katalin Döbrönte, András Mérei
S58.  Universityimpacts on the local and regional economy
         Convenor(s): Bianca Biagi, Laura Ciucci, Claudio Detotto, Manuela Pulina
S59.  Spatial Coronametrics: New Tools in Regional Science for Quantifying the Spatial Dimensions of

         Convenor(s): Karima Kourtit, Peter Nijkamp

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