Instructions for presenters

The First draft of the Programme will be issued by the mid- July for the onsite Part;
and by the 1st of August for the online part will also be published.

Registration of Presenters for the Online part (22-23 August) is possible until the 30th July.
Registration of Presenters for the Onsite part in Pécs (24-26 August) is possible until the 15th July.

We highly recommend all presenters to register as soon as possible to have their paper included in the programme.

Discussions will be organised for all type of sessions.  

Upload of paper

The upload of a (draft) paper is required or highly recommended for all presenters.

Presenters in Refereed Sessions, Young Scientists /Epainos Sessions 

  • They must also have uploaded their (draft) paper by July 15 in order to have their presentation(s) scheduled in these types of sessions in the Programme.
  • They can update their paper until July 31. Assigned discussants will have access to papers soon after July 31.
  • If no (draft) paper is uploaded on July 15, the presentation will be re-assigned to an Ordinary Session. 
Presenters in Special Session: The upload of the paper is also highly recommended for discussant use but may not be required by the conveners of the session.

Presenters in Ordinary Sessions are encouraged to upload a (draft) paper/ or an extended abstract/extended note or their power point presentation before the congress date so that the assigned discussant can receive valuable information prior the Congress.

Please click on the following Submission Portal - Paper Upload link to upload or update your accepted paper.

Paper format and size

  • The paper must be uploaded as a PDF-file. 
  • The paper is between 5,000 and 10,000 words

Organisation of the sessions (online and in Pécs)

Sessions with max 3 presentations
Session duration: 1h30
Presentation time: 20 minutes/presentation
Discussant time: max 7 minutes

Sessions with 4 presentations
Session duration: 1h30
Presentation time: 15 minutes/presentation
Discussant time: max 4 minutes

If the session is online, presenters will make their presentation on zoom. It is therefore requested that Presenters have a zoom account installed on their computer. 

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