Road to Lyon ERSA2019 Public Lectures

First meeting:  On November 21st at University Paris-Est

 Round table "Innovation and Regional Development"

The first meeting of the Road to Lyon ERSA 2019 was organized during the “Future Days, innovations and cities of tomorrow”, organized by University Paris-Est, 21-22 November in Paris (Cité Descartes, 2 boulevard Blaise-Pascal, Noisy-Le-Grand –

The Round Table on “Innovation and Regional Development” will be organized through three main questions:  

  • How and why the links between innovation and space are specific to the territory? 
  • Does current period change things and how? 
  • Do current changes require to think new innovation models?

Moderators: Marie DELAPLACE, Professor, EUP, Lab’Urba, Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée – UPEM and Dominique MIGNOT, Head of the Department "Transport, Health, Safety", Ifsttar

Corinne AUTANT-BERNARD, Professor, University of Lyon

Leïla KEBIR, Professor, University of Lausanne  

Antoine SCHOEN, Professor, ESIEE Paris

André TORRE, Research Professor, Vice-President of ERSA, INRA – AgroParisTech, University Paris-Saclay

Second meeting:  On December 13th at University of Lyon

Topic: "Inclusive City in digital transformation era: Opportunities, risks and conflicts "

This study day is organised by LAET in partnership with LabEx IMU.  There were four Round Tables including the following topics:

  • Health and environmental issues
  • University as a Lab for metropolitan transformations
  • Housing and territorial issues: Which inclusivity ?
  • Data and practices: What is at stake today?

Download the programme here (in French)  

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