Congress Themes

The Congress theme is "Cities, regions and digital transformations: Opportunities, risks and challenges", ‘but the Congress covers all fields in Regional Science. Below you will find all themes (Special Session themes and General themes) proposed for this year's Call for Abstracts and Papers.  Please note that some themes may not appear in the final programme if an insufficient number of abstracts have been received or accepted. 

Special Sessions

The Special Sessions address specific and topical themes in Regional Science. 
For submissions to Special Session Presentation type only. 

S01. Regional Science Footprints of Walter Isard
         Convenor(s): Peter Batey, Karima Kourtit, Peter Nijkamp
S02. Digital and spatial transformation: structures and relations in the knowledge economy
        Convenor(s): Stefan Lüthi, Michael Bentlage, Alain Thierstein
S03. Engaging with the Digital World: the effects for society, places and individuals
         Convenor(s): Tasos Kitsos, Raquel Ortega-Argiles, Emmanouil Tranos
S04. The digital transformation of tourism in the city
         Convenor(s): Marie Delaplace, Pierre-Olaf Schut
S05. Sharing economy and accommodation industry in urban and non urban environment
         Convernor(s): Matteo Beghelli, Nicola Camatti
S06. Changes in health care provision, spatial mobility and access to care
         Convenor(s): Delphine Burguet, Pascal Pochet, Jean-Baptise Fassier, Louafi Bouzouina
S07. Transportation and Mobility in an Ageing Society. Perspectives, Trends and Drivers
         Convenor(s): Mina Akhavan, Aleid Brouwer 
S08. New working spaces, digital transformations and peripheral areas 
        Convenor(s): Ilaria Mariotti, Pavel Bednar, Amnon Frenkel, Sigal Kaplan
S09. Agroecological transition at the digital age: levier or barrier?
        Convenor(s): M. Akimowicz, J. Crespo
S10. Territorial Servitization 
        Convenor(s): Esteban Lafuente, Yancy Vaillant, Ferran Vendrell-Herrero
S11. The regional socio-economic impact of the 4th industrial revolution
        Convenor(s): Camilla Lenzi, Roberta Capello
S12. Socio-spatial equity in the light of post-industrial restructuring, modeling exercises in Africa and Asia
        Convenor(s): Pierre Alexandre Balland, Oumhani Eddelani, Pritee Sharma, David N. Mangai
S13. Mainstreaming Smart Specialisation across European Union policies:  challenges, opportunities and tools
        Convenor(s): Dimitri Corpakis
S14. Collaboration-based innovation policies: theory, empirics and practitioner feedbacks
        Convenor(s): Corinne Autant-Bernard
S15. Universities and Multi-stakeholder Partnerships: Building Regional Synergies for Societal Impacts
        Convenor(s): Louise Kempton, Ana Paula Bastos , Maurício Serra , Conceição Rego
S16. Students, University and the City: Location Choice and Mobility Behaviour
         Convenor(s): Louafi Bouzouina, Chloé Morhain, Ayman Zoubir
S17. Geography of science and the spatial dimension of scientific activity
        Convenor(s): Marion Maisonobe, Bastien Bernela
S18. Entrepreneurship and local development: symbiosis and/or dissonance?
        Convenor(s): Marcus Dejardin, Nadine Levratto
S19. Regional Entrepreneurship Policy
        Convenor(s): Michael Fritsch, Marcus Dejardin, Michael Wyrwich
S20. Collective action, commons and commoning : towards the emergence of new forms of territorial development                    processes?
         Convenor(s): Leïla Kebir, Frédéric Wallet, Artur Ochojski, Adam Polko
S21. Circularities and proximities : stakeholders, scales, ressources
         Convenor(s): Sébastien Bourdin, Amélie Gonçalves
S22. The politics of local and regional development
         Convenor(s): Tasos Kitsos, Davide Luca, Yannis Psycharis
S23. Territorial and place-based governance, (new) processes for local coordination
         Convenor(s): Fabienne Leloup
S24. Neo-Weberian Approaches to China: Cultural Attitudes and Economic Development
         Convenor(s): Annie Tubadji, Don Webber
S25. Historical Roots of Regional Performance 
         Convenor(s): Michael Fritsch, Friedrich Schiller, Michael Wyrwich
S26. Comparing local and regional development within and between countries – what information and data is needed?
         Convenor(s): Magnus Andersson, Helena Bohman, Muriel Maillefert
S27. Entropy, Complexity and Spatial Dynamics: A Rebirth of Theory?
         Convenor(s): Aura Reggiani, Laurie A. Schintler, Danny Czamanski
S28. Applying a Complex Adaptive Systems Approach to Regional Economics: big data, network analysis, and                                computational theory
         Convenor(s): Timothy F. Slaper, Stephan J. Goetz, Jae Beum Cho
S29. Mapping flows, movements and cities networks at a European level
         Convenor(s): Françoise Bahoken, Marion Maisonobe 
S30. Connecting short and long distance perspectives in freight transportation
         Convenor(s): David Guerrero, Patrick Niérat, Jean-Claude Thill 
S31. Carpooling for daily trips
         Convenor(s): Guillaume Monchambert, Charles Raux
S32. Spatial CGE, land use and transport modeling
         Convenor(s): Tomoki Ishikura, Atsushi Koike
S33. Modelling place attractiveness in the era of Big and Open data
         Convenor(s): John Östh
S34. Regional Modelling: New Approaches and Data
         Convenor(s): Andre Carrascal-Incera, Raquel Ortega-Argiles
S35. Recent Advances in Spatial Econometrics and Big Data
         Convenor(s): Tamás Krisztin
S36. Real Estate and the Development of Cities and Regions (ERES Special Session)
        Convenor(s): Gunther Maier, Paloma Taltavull de la Paz, Kerem Yavuz Arslanli
S37. Geography of the real estate stock wealth and of its evolutions
         Convenor(s): Arnaud Simon
S38. Housing Markets: information, taxes, prices
        Convenor(s): Florence Goffette-Nagot
S39. Understanding urbanisation at a global scale: definitions and empirical analyses (OECD and European Commission)
         Convenor(s): Lewis Dijkstra, Paolo Veneri, Laura de Dominicis
S40. Regional Resilience: How can regions survive?
         Convenor(s): Peter Nijkamp, Gabriela Carmen Pascariu, Daniela-Luminita Constantin, Karima Kourtit, Bogdana                    Neamtu
S41. Drivers of interregional migration: new insights on the role of local labour markets, human capital, personality and             (family) networks
        Convenor(s): Bianca Biagi, Viktor Venhorst, Stephan Brunow
S42. Causes and Effects of Regional Integration: Development of Local Economy via Mobility
         Convenor(s): Kenji Kondo
S43. Geography of discontent: Explanations and policies
         Convenor(s): Jorge Díaz Lanchas
S44. Inclusive Cities in Europe
         Convenor(s): Maciej Turala
S45. Social mobility & Inequality
         Convenor(s): Alessandra Michelangeli
S46. Recent Trends in Regional Socio-Economic Inequalities 
         Convenor(s): Raquel Ortega-Argiles, Diana Gutierrez-Posada, Andre Carrascal-Incera
S47. Maintenance and regeneration of the territory and the city as an occasion for their ecological transformation
         Convenor(s): Stefano Aragona
S48. The Mediterranean: conflicts, ecological and economic values of a changing sea environment
        Convenor(s): Shiri Zemah Shamir, Anat Tchetchink
S49. The retail chains  development and changes in service patterns in small towns and rural areas 
         Convenor(s): Małgorzata Twardzik, Krystian Heffner
S50. Fiscal decentralisation and multi-level governance 
         Convenor(s):  Olga Diukanova 
S51. Counterfactual methods for regional policy evaluation
        Convenor(s): Marco Mariani, Elena Ragazzi , Lisa Sella
S52.  Joint SBCA ERSA Session on Evaluation
        Convenor(s): Jérôme Massiani
S53. Breaking out of the Bubble - Teaching and Dissemination of Regional Science
        Convenor(s): Gunther Maier, Sabine Sedlacek
S54. Evaluating Smart Specialisation: early evidence on policy implementation and economic transformation 
        Convernor(s): Donato Iacobucci, Carlo Gianelle, Fabrizio Guzzo
S55. The EU Cohesion Policy after 2020 – How to achieve faster and more impactful spending where it is needed the        
         Convernor(s): Riccardo Crescenzi, Ugo Fratesi, Vassilis Monastiriotis
S56. Transport, health and socio-territorial disparities
        Convernor(s): Mohamed Mouloud Haddak, Camille Payre, Corinne Praznoczy
S57. Freight mobility and urban forms
        Convenors(s): Adrien Beziat, Mathieu Gardrat , Florence Toilier 
S58. Serious Games and Urban Studies
         Convenor(s): Arnaud Banos, Jean Debrie, Mathieu Gardrat, Olivier Klein, Nathalie Molines
S59. Road Safety Economics for Resilient Countries and Regions
        Convenor(s): Laurent Carnis, Dominique Mignot 
S60. Road Safety Management in Developing Countries: the case of Africa
        Convenor(s): Laurent Carnis, Dominique Mignot, Luca Persia 
S61. Energy Transition and Eco Innovation
        Convenor(s): Rafik Abdesselam, Patricia Renou-Maissant
S62. Regional Policy at Crossroads: concepts, planning, implementation, evaluation (ERSA Summer School in Bratislava)
        Convenor(s): Štefan Rehák, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Miroslav Šipikal, Oliver Rafaj
S63. Public transportation and big data: data processing and valuation
       Convenor(s): Patrick Bonnel, Oscar Egu, Catherine Morency, Martin Trépanier
S64. What use can city stakeholders make of research numerical models?
       Convenor(s): Arnaud Banos, Olivier Klein, Isabelle Lefort, Bruno Tassin, José-Frédéric Deroubaix
S65. How to assess the ‘Smart City’?
         Convenor(s): Olivier Klein, Pierre-Yves Nury
S66. Assessing impacts of automated driving and automated mobility 
        Convenor(s): Lucile Buisson, Louafi Bouzouina, Nathalie Gouget, Olivier Klein, Dominique Mignot, Yves Page
S67. Sustainability, water and energy use in the productive sectors: tourism, services, industry, agriculture and 
        public administrations
       Convenor(s): Javier Sánchez-Rivas García
S68. Transport Infrastructures and European Integration in the Framework of the White Paper 2011: Evaluation,             
         Benchmark, Perspectives at the Age of Digital Transformation
         Convenor(s): Laurent Guihéry, Florent Laroche
S69. The spatial dimension of productivity (OECD Spatial Productivity Lab Special Session)
        Convenor(s): Alexandre Lembcke, Rudiger Ahrend, Alexandra Tsvetkova, Alessandra proto
S70. Expanding the content of regional science, risks and rewards
         Convenor(s): Antoine Bailly

General Themes

For submissions to Refereed, Ordinary, Young Scientists and Epainos Session Type.

G01. Cities, Regions and Digital Transformations
G02. Mobility and Digital Transformations
G03. Big Data and Regional Science
G04. Regional and Urban Development
G05. Regional and Urban Labour Markets
G06. Regional and Urban Policy and Governance
G07. Innovation and Regional Development
G08. Regional Competitiveness, Innovation and Productivity
G09. Regional Finance, Fiscal Issues, Investment or Capital Markets
G10. Methods in Regional Science or Urban Economics
G11. Spatial Econometrics
G12. Location of Economic Activity
G13. Real Estate and Housing Markets
G14. Energy and Ecological Transition
G15. Segregation, Social and Spatial Inequalities
G16. Transport, Land Use and Accessibility
G17. Population, Migration and Mobility Behaviour
G18. Tourism and Culture
G19. Health and Environmental Issues
G20. Social Innovation for Resilient Regions
G21. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
G22. Institutions
G23. Rural Issues
G24. Empirical Methods in Regional and Urban Analysis
G25. GIS and Location Modelling