Instructions for presenters

The preliminary programme will be issued around mid-July.

  • The Registration of Presenters is requested by 30 June 2024 for YSS/EPAINOS and 12 JUly for Ordinary/Refereed/Special session.
    Important: the corresponding author (submitter) is linked to the submission, if the unique presenter is not the corresponding author but a co-author of the paper, please advise
  • Late registrations (after the 30 June): the insertion of additional registered presenters in the programme will be done according to session availabilities.
  • The upload of a (draft) paper is required or highly recommended for all presenters. See below deadline and specifications applicable according to type of session. 
  • If you do not upload an updated paper, the initial paper uploaded during the submission process will constitute the final paper. Presenters can choose to give access to the paper to the discussant only. 
  • Discussions will be organised for all type of sessions. Assigned discussants will have access to papers in early August.
  • The draft programme (Agenda) will be issued by mid-July
  • The Agenda (to be published on the Congress website) will include:
    - Abstracts of all papers to be presented during the Congress
    - Papers (only if authorized by the submitters).  

Deadline and Specifications for the Upload

For accepted presentations in Refereed Sessions (R-), Young Scientists Sessions (YS-), or competing for the Epainos award:  

Presenters in R- and YS- Sessions are requested to:

  • Presenters accepted in R-Session and YS-Sessions must register and upload/(update) their paper by 30 June.
  • Papers accepted for inclusion in YS-Sessions or competing the Epainos Award will be considered on the basis of the Young Sientists Sessions & Epainos Award rules 
  • If no (draft) paper is uploaded until the deadline, the presentation will be re-assigned to an Ordinary Session. 

For accepted presentations in Special Sessions and Ordinary Sessions 

  • Special Sessions: The upload of the paper is also highly recommended for discussant use but may not be required by the conveners of the session.
  • Presenters in Ordinary Sessions are encouraged to upload a (draft) paper/ or an extended note so that the assigned discussant can receive valuable information prior to Congress. 
  • Paper upload Deadline: 31 July.


>>> Paper upload/paper update can be done via the submission portal . The portal is only accessible to registered corresponding authors (submitters).

Paper format and size

  • The paper must be uploaded as a PDF-file. 
  • The paper is between 5,000 and 10,000 words

General organisation of the sessions (Onsite and Online)

2hr-slot Sessions

4-5 presentations
Presentation time: 15-20 minutes/presentation
Discussant time: max. 5 minutes/presentation

For Young Scientists Sessions:
Max. 3 presentations
Presentation time: 30 minutes/presentation
Discussant time: max 7-10 minutes/presentation

1hr45-slot Sessions
3-4 presentations
Presentation time: 15-20 minutes/presentation
Discussant time: max. 5 minutes/presentation

A discussion period of min 30 minutes will be available for all sessions which will enable more time for open discussion from the audience.

If the session is online, presenters will make their presentation on zoom. It is therefore requested that presenters have the latest version of zoom installed on their computer. 

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