Call for abstracts (and) papers

Submissions can only be made via the below Submission Portal link. We invite you to consult the Special Session themes and the General themes and read below information before making your submission.

The scientific programme of the Congress consists of two parts: online and onsite. The online part will be organised on 26 and 27 August 2024 (2 days). The Onsite part will take place on 28,29 and 30 August 2024 (3 days).

EXTENDED Deadline > 14 February 2024

Terms & Conditions
Submission guidelines and Congress registration 

General Conditions
  • All congress sessions will be held in English, therefore all submissions must be in English. 
  • The submitter must be: (co)author of the submission and (one of) the presenting author(s). 
  • All correspondence will be sent to the submitter. 
  • There is a maximum of 2 submissions per person (2 presentations during the entire Congress). 
  • A submission can be made for online presentation or onsite presentation.
  • All participants need to register individually and pay the appropriate registration fee. Registration is effective after full receipt of payment. Only registered authors will be included in the programme.

Themes & Type of Session

  • General themes can be chosen for submissions to Refereed, Ordinary or Young Scientists session type. "General Themes" Sessions can be organised online and onsite.
  • Special Sessions themes can be chosen for submissions to Special session type.  See on the Special Sessions page if the Special session is open for online and/or onsite submission.
  • Candidates for the Epainos award can select a Special Session type (if they choose a special session theme) or Young Scientist Session type (if they choose a general theme).

Requirements by choice of session type & conditions of acceptance
Congress acceptance depends on the type of session chosen by the corresponding presenter (submitter):

For Ordinary Sessions (O-)
  • Submission of an abstract is required (Deadline 30 January).
  • After the review process, a decision is made regarding acceptance to the congress with confirmation of the theme and session type.

For Special Sessions (S-), Young Scientists Sessions (YS-) and Refereed Sessions (R-)

  • Submission of an abstract and an extended abstract/or a full (draft) paper are required (Deadline 30 January). In case an extended abstract was uploaded during the submission, the paper will be required during the registration period. Paper upload deadline: 30 June 2024.
  • After the review process, a decision is made regarding acceptance to the Congress with confirmation of the theme and session type.
  • After registration check and verification of the paper upload, a decision is made regarding final acceptance and programming of the paper. For special sessions the paper upload is not required but highly recommended.
  • For special sessions, the paper upload may not be required by the conveners for some sessions but is highly recommended for discussion purposes.

Specifications for the format of the submission

Full Paper - Extended Abstract (for S-Sessions, YS-Sessions and R-Sessions) 
  • A full paper is uploaded as a PDF-file. A full paper is between 5,000 and 10,000 words.
  • If no paper is uploaded upon submission, an extended abstract is required (PDF-file). An extended abstract is between 1,200 and 2,000 words.
  • An extended abstract includes a discussion of the objective and contribution of the paper, as well as an explanation of the methods and data used and the (tentative) results and conclusions. 
Abstract (for O-sessions)
  • An abstract must be included in the submission process (text format). 
  • An abstract includes the objective and topic of the contribution as well as a short description of the proposed method and data. 
  • An abstract is between 200 and 400 words.

All submissions will be reviewed by the LOC and/or the Scientific Committee. The LOC has the right to reject submissions from the congress or move a submission to another theme or another type of session. A Special Session is organized if there are a minimum of 4 registered papers. In case a proposed Special Session does not meet this condition, the S-submissions will be programmed as an O-Session or an R-Session. All presentations will be assigned a discussant.

Should you have any questions, please send and email to

Young Scientists Sessions (YS-) & Epainos Award

The Young Scientists Sessions provide young academics in Regional Science the opportunity to present their work to specialists in the field, to receive feedback and a review of the presentation and paper. The time for presentation is around 30 minutes. 

To present in a YS- Session, the presenting author must:
  • Be younger than 33 years on 1 September 2024 and must not have a senior position (i.e associate professor or higher). In case of multiple- authored papers these two criteria are not applicable for the co-author(s).
  • Have submitted a full Paper (upon submission or during the registration period). Paper upload deadline: 30 June 2024.

Eligibility for the Epainos Award
Young Scientist candidates for the Epainos Award can present a paper in a Young Scientist Session or in a Special Session. Please note that the time for presentation may be less than 30 minutes if the author makes the decision to present in a Special Session. The upload of an extended abstract or (draft) paper is required during the submission period.

Important: The eligibility for the Epainos Award implies that: All authors of the presented paper are younger than 33 years on 1 September 2024, and not have a senior position (i.e associate professor or higher). The presenting author has submitted a full Paper (upon submission or during the registration period). Full paper upload deadline: 30 June 2024. Submitted manuscripts for the EPAINOS Prize must be unpublished at the time of submission and not being forthcoming or accepted for publication at the same date. Manuscripts under review at the date of the submission of the EPAINOS prize but not accepted before the date of the Congress are eligible for the EPAINOS Prize. Manuscripts under review at the time of the submission but accepted before the date of the Congress are not eligible for the EPAINOS Prize but they still can be included in the EPAINOS Sessions or Young Scientists Sessions if the author(s) agree(s). 

Read full details on Young scientists Sessions and the eligibility for the Epainos Award here.

This year’s congress will be held in-person in Terceira Island, Portugal and online. Registration of presenting author(s) must be made by 30 June 2024 in order to have their paper(s) scheduled in the draft programme (issued by mid-July). More details on the registration fees & conditions to be posted on the congress webiste shortly.

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