General Themes

For submissions to RefereedOrdinary or Young Scientists Session Type.

Please note: General themes' sessions will be organised either with all online presentations or all onsite presentations. There will be no hybrid parallel sessions organised. Online sessions will be organised from 26 to 27 August 2024. Onsite sessions will be organised from 28 to 30 August 2024.

List of Themes

G01  Peace, Regional and Urban Sustainable Development

G02  Demographic change, Population and Migration

G03  Innovation and Regional Development

G04  Segregation, Social and Spatial Inequalities

G05  The geography of financial exclusion

G06  Regional and Urban Policy and Governance

G07  The geography of corruption

G08  Covid-19 and regional and urban resilience

G09  Regional Competitiveness, Innovation and Productivity

G10  Trade and Global Value ChainsG11  Transport and Accessibility

G12  Economic development in rural places

G13  Entrepreneurship and Regional Development

G14  Institutions, Political and Decisional Processes

G15  Spatial Sustainable Development

G16  Cities, Regions and Digital Transformations

G17  Cooperation and Local / Regional Development

G18  Climate Adaptive and Resilient Regions and Cities

G19  Energy and Ecological TransitionsG20  Creative Industries and Regional Development

G21  Urban Challenges and technological transformations

G22  Smart SpecializationG23  Cultural Heritage and Regional Development

G24  Human - Environmental Interactions

G25  Spatial Econometrics

G26  Urban-Rural Relationships

G27  Regional and Urban Labour Markets and Entrepreneurship

G28  Technological Change and Diversification

G29  Quality of government across space and time

G30  Global Warming, Health and Environmental Issues post COVID 19

G31  Methods in Regional Science or Urban Analysis 

G32  Social Innovation for Resilient RegionsG33  GIS and Location Modelling

G34  Spatial aspects of a Circular Economy

G35  Tourism and Overtourism Issues

G36  Policy issues on Energy efficiency, urban design and housing sustainability

G37  Local and global impacts of conflicts

G38  Corporate Social Responsibility and territories

G39  Big Data and Regional Science

G40  Spatial Issues of Monetary Policy

G41  Migration and Integration in a Global World

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