Local Organising Committee

Chair and co-chair: Paloma Taltavull and Luisa Alamá

• Paloma Taltavull, University of Alicante (UA)
• Luisa Alamá, Jaume I University (UJI)
• Francisco Juárez, University of Alicante (UA)
• Raul García, University of Alicante (UA)
• Eloisa Norman, University of Alicante (UA)
• Fernando Rubiera, University of Oviedo (U Oviedo), AECR President
• Vicente Royuela,  University of Barcelona (U Barcelona)
• Vicente Budí, University of Valencia (UV)
• José Miguel Giner, University of Alicante (UA)

Scientific Programme Management

  • Luisa Alamá Sabater, Local Organising Committee
  • Paloma Taltavull, Local Organising Committee
  • André Torre, ERSA President

The LOC is supported by ERSA Office 
Contact persons:
Maristella AngotziNurul Bariroh, Eric Valdenaire, ERSA Office
Congress Secretariat email: congress@ersa.org, Tel: + 32 10 47 43 62

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