ERSA2020 Themes

Timeschedule: The virtual conference will take place between 25 -  27August  (CET time), 2020.

    25 August 2020   

PL1- Opening Session & Keynote presentation 1
Keynote Lecture by Professor Simin Davoudi, Newcastle University, UK
Chair: Prof. André Torre, Université Paris-Saclay, INRAE AgroParisTech, Paris

PS01 & PS07- Regional Development (Young Scientists Session 1 - 2)              
Chair: Prof. Katarzyna Kopczewska, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Poland

PS02- Social innovation and participation of population                             
Chair: Prof. Leila Kebir, GSE/IGD/Université de Lausanne, Switzerland

PS03- Innovation and Regional Development                                                
Chair: Prof. Diletta Pegoraro, University of Birmingham & Università Di Trento, Italy

PS04- Foreign Direct Investments, trade and local development 
Convenor(s): Luigi Benfratello, Davide Castellani, Anna D’Ambrosio // Chair: Dr.  Anna D'ambrosio, Polytechnic Of Turin, Italy

PS05- Mountain, Rural and Marginal Issues
Chair: Prof. Vítor Martinho, Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Portugal

PS06 & PS12 Drivers and impacts of interregional migration (1-2)
Convenor(s): Maria Abreu, Bianca Biagi, Stephan Brunow, Viktor Venhorst // ChairPS06: Dr. Viktor Venhorst, University of Groningen, NL // Chair PS12: Prof. Stephan Brunow, University of Applied Labour Studies, Germany

PS08- Adaptive and Resilient Cities and Regions 
Chair: Prof. Hiroyuki Shibusawa Toyohashi, Univ. Of Technology,  Japan

PS09- Institutions, Political and Decisional Processes
Chair: Dr. Bianca Radu, Babes Bolyai University, Romania

PS10- Culture, Creative Industries and Regional Development
Chair: Dr. Roberto Dellisanti, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

PS11- The territorial dimension of the 4.0 technological transformation
Convenor(s): Roberta Capello, Camilla Lenzi // Chair: Chair: Prof. Camilla Lenzi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

PL2- Keynote Presentation 2
Keynote Lecture by Professor Daniel M. Sturm, London School of Economics, UK
Chair: Dr. Georg Lun, Chamber of Commerce Bolzano/Bozen, Italy

PS13-Networks, Development, and Disparities in Regions
Convenor(s): Balázs Lengyel, László Lőrincz, Tamás Sebestyén, Attila Varga // Chair: tbc

PS14- Spatial Econometrics
Chair: Dr. Julie Le Gallo, CESAER, France

PS15- Spatial regrouping of small firms
Chair: Dr. Sara Maioli, Newcastle University, United Kingdom

PS16-Regional Competitiveness, Innovation and Productivity
Chair:  Dr. Edoardo Pizzoli, Statec, Luxembourg

PS17- Historical Roots of Regional Performance
Convenor(s): Michael Fritsch, Michael Wyrwich, Korneliusz Pylak // Chair: Prof. Michael Fritsch, Friedrich Schiller University Jena Germany

PS18-Transport and Accessibility
Chair: Prof. Roger Vickerman, Universtiy Of Kent, United Kingdom

26 August 2020 

PL3-Keynote Presentation 3&4
Keynote Lecture 3 by Doctor Mafini Dosso, Senior ResearcherEuropean Commission JRC
Keynote Lecture 4 by Professor Pierre-Alexandre Balland, Utrecht University, NL

Chair: Jouke van Dijk, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

PS19 & PS25- Integrated ecological planning of territories and cities to achieve the objectives of the UN 2020 - 2030 Agenda
Convenor(s): Stefano Aragona, Federico Butera // Chair PS19: Prof. Stefano Aragona, University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, Italy //Chair PS25: Prof. Federico Butera, Politecno di Milano, Italy

PS20 & PS26- A New European Industrial Strategy oriented to the citizens and the territory
Convenor(s): Riccardo Cappellin, Enrico Ciciotti, Gioacchino Garofoli // Chair PS20: Prof. Sandrine Labory, University of Ferrara, Italy // Chair PS26: Prof. Riccardo Cappellin Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy

PS21- Location of Economic Activity
Chair: Prof. Maria Kubara, University Of Warsaw, Poland

PS22- Regional and Urban Development
Chair: Prof. Giulia Fini, Politecnico Di Milano, Italy

PS23- Intelligence Shaping the Future of Cities and Regions in Europe
Convenor(s): Nicos Komninos, Anastasia Panori, Christina Kakderi // Chair: Dr. Anastasia Panori, Panteion University, Greece

PS24-  Convergence outcomes of Cohesion Policy: Evidence from the Past and Future Perspectives
Convenor(s): Diana Cibulskiene // Chair: Prof. Diana Cibulskiene, Siauliai University, Lithuania

PS27- Regional and Urban Policy and Governance
Chair: Dr. Holger Lischke, TU Berlin, Germany

PS28- Global Warming, Health and Environmental Issues
Chair: Dr. Ana Serrano, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain

PS29- Human - Environmental Interactions
Chair: Prof. André Torre, Université Paris-Saclay, France

PS30- Covid 19: its spatial and regional impacts
Chair: Dr. Annie Tubadji, Swansea University, UK

PL4- Roundtable "Regional Science and the COVID"
Chair: Mr. Bert Kuby, European Committee of Regions, Belgium
Panelist 1: Prof. Dorothée Allain-Dupré, OECD, France
Panelist 2: Prof. Rune Dahl Fitjar, University of Stavanger, Norway
Panelist 3: Prof. Anne Green, University of Brimingham, UK
Panelist 4: Prof. Philipp McCann, University Of Sheffield, UK
Covid 19 has impacted our economies and societies. It has changed our daily habits and has had a significant impact on our lifestyles, through lock-in or social distancing measures. The spatial consequences are obviously huge, regional impacts, closing of borders, geographical spread of the virus, social distancing, limitation of movements, tele-working, doubts about the sustainability of cities and return to rural areas, etc. or even the impact on teaching and research practices, much at a distance now. The round table addresses these questions with prestigious scholars and experts.

PS31- Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Chair: Dr. Michael Wyrwich University of Groningen Netherlands

PS32- Macroregional, Transregional, Regional and Urban Policy and Governance
Chair: Dr. Sandra D'agostino, Inapp, Italy

PS33- Methods in Regional Science or Urban Analysis
Chair: Dr. David Castells-Quintana, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain

PS34- Subjective well-being, spatial inequalities and urbanization
Convenor(s): Camilla Lenzi, Giovanni Perucca // Chair: Prof. Giovanni Perucca, Politecno di Milano Italy

PS35- Cultural Heritage and Regional Development
Chair: Prof. Elisa Panzera, Politecnico Di Milano, Italy

PS36- The geographical dimension of income inequality
Chair: Prof. Ioannis Psycharis, Panteion University, Regional Development Institute, Greece

27 August 2020

PL5- Keynote Presentations 5&6
Keynote lecture 5 by Professor Professors Hans Westlund, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Keynote lecture 6 by Professor Raquel Ortega-Argilés, University of Birmingham, UK
Chair: Prof. Roberta Capello, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

PS37 & PS43- Regional disparities and cohesion in the EU
Convenor(s): Roberta Capello, Silvia Cerisola // Chair PS37: Prof. Silvia Cerisola, Politecnico Di Milano, Italy // Chair: Prof. Roberta Capello, Politecno di Milano, Italy

PS38 & PS40- Policies and Services for Healthy Ageing and Well-being in Later Life
Convenor(s): Maggi Elena, Evangelia Pantelaki, Daniele Crotti, Federica Maria Rossi, Mina Akhavan // Chair PS38: Dr. Evangelia Pantelaki University of Insubria, Italy // Chair PS40: Prof. Ilaria Mariotti, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

PS39- The role of fragile territories: descriptions, strategies and best practices in Italy and Europe
Chair: Dr. Elisabetta Vitale Brovarone, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

PS41- Regional and Urban Labour Markets and Entrepreneurship
Chair: Dr. Aleksandra Majchrowska, University of Lodz, Poland

PS42-New working spaces, digital transformations and peripheral areas
Convenor(s): Ilaria Mariotti, Pavel Bednar, Tuzin Baycan, Amnon Frenkel // Chair: Prof. Pavel Bednar, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic

PS44- Cities, Regions and Digital Transformations
Chair: Prof. Claire Bussière, Inrae, France

PS45- Overtourism and Its Effects on Regions
Convenors: Gunther Maier, Sabine Sedlacek, Bozana Zekan // Chair: Prof. Gunther Maier, WU Wien, Austria

PS46- Demographic Change, Population, Migration and Mobility Behaviour
Chair:  Prof. Tatiana Blinova, Institute of Agrarian Problems of The RAS, Russian Federation

PS47- Regional and Urban Labour Markets and Entrepreneurship
Chair: Prof. Francisco García-lillo, Universidad De Alicante, Spain

PS48- Regional evaluation
Chair: Prof. Don Webber, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom