Wednesday, 26 August 2020  15.45-17.15 (CET)

Regional Science and the COVID

Covid 19 has impacted our economies and societies. It has changed our daily habits and has had a significant impact on our lifestyles, through lock-in or social distancing measures. The spatial consequences are obviously huge, regional impacts, closing of borders, geographical spread of the virus, social distancing, limitation of movements, tele-working, doubts about the sustainability of cities and return to rural areas, etc. or even the impact on teaching and research practices, much at a distance now. The round table addresses these questions with prestigious scholars and experts.


Bert Kuby
Head of Unit, European Committee of Regions, Belgium

Confirmed Panelists:

Dorothée Allain-Dupré
Head of Unit Decentralisation, Public Investment and Subnational Finance ESG/CFE, OECD, France

Rune Dahl Fitjar
Professor of Innovation Studies, UiS Business School, Centre for Innovation Research, University of Stavanger, Norway

Anne Green
Professor of Regional Economic Development City-REDI, University of Birmingham, UK

Philip McCann
Professor of Urban and Regional Economics, University of Sheffield, UK