Congress Venue

The Congress will be held onsite & online. All the slots of parallel sessions will be held either fully onsite or fully online (there will be no mixed slots): onsite slots will have all onsite presenters and online slots will have all online presenters.

Participation ONSITE 

The Participation onsite will be held in the University of Alicante. Address:

University of Alicante
(Aulario II Building)
Carretera San Vicente del Raspeig s/n
03690 San Vicente del Raspeig
Alicante, Spain

The conference is held in diferent buildings at the University of Alicante. The main building for the sessions is the Aulario II (building number 30 in the map below) although both the Welcome and Closing ceremonies will be organized at the Paraninfo (building 11), the largest room at the UA.

In addition, other events are held at the Faculty of Economics (building 31), during Tuesday afternoon and Friday, while in the morning, the German Bernácer Building (building 36) will be the location for the activities until 1pm. The blue path indicates the conection among them as well as the way to reach the Villa Universitaria residence or the tram. All buildings are closer each other and can be seen in the following maps:

Paraninfo, Auditorium (building 11)                    ‘Salon de Grados’ German Bernácer Building (building 36)

Faculty of Economics and Business  (building 31)

Ground floor of Aulario II. Room numbers are preceded by a ‘0-’

First floor of Aulario II. Room numbers are preceded by a ‘1-’ 

Where the University of Alicante is located?


•3 Lecture room buildings •102644 m2 of Surface for research and teaching •505324 m2 of Green and open áreas •1 lecture-room building: Aulario II •30 lecture-rooms x 3 floors •1 Conference room: Salón de Actos aulario II ..389 seats •1 Large Conference room: Paraninfo..1150 seats

•Technological •Conference rooms •Videostreaming installed •Rooms •Computer, proyector, conection… posible to zoom or meet •Internet system: •Eduroam (European system, inmediate recognitions of other users) •10-days invitation for those not having Eduroam •Food and restaurants •4 large restaurants

Participation ONLINE 

The participation online is possible for presenters and attendants. Online parallel sessions will be held before the dates of the onsite parallel sessions.

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