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Where to eat and drink

Where to eat



€€ Amicus 

Casual dining in an atmospheric, contemporary setting.

€€€ Jacques

Jacque & Eithne only serve Cork produced food. Emphasis on quality & value

€€€€ Les Gourmandises 

Award winning French dining at the highest standards

€€€ Ivory Tower 

Finest fusion cuisine in intimate surroundings Award

€€€ Café Paradiso

Winning vegetarian heaven 

€€ Milano

Spacious and atmospheric pizza restaurant

€€€ Farmgate Café

A busy café in a vibrant working market in Cork city serving local food

€€ Star Anise 

Owner-run, cosy French/Mediterranean Restaurant

€€ Market Lane

An award winning restaurant and bar over two floors

€€ Liberty Grill

Breakfast, lunch, gourmet burgers, fish and other delicious local produce. Located between the campus and the city centre.

€€€ Rachel’s

Simple, naturally produced and delicious tasting food from Cork. Located between the campus and the city centre.

€€ The Cornstore

Warm and lively dining experience with wine & cocktail bar

€€ Greene’s

Top food at this unique setting, underneath a stone archway and waterfall

Where to drink




Traditional Irish, family run bar, live music on Sundays & Mondays

Sober Lane

 A big favourite for pizza and beer

Mutton Lane Inn

 For a unique taste of old Cork check out this long standing ale house. In a small lane way off Cork’s main street, Patrick Street.


Chic riverside bar with garden and upstairs restaurant

Sin É

Traditional Irish music, perfect stout (black irish beer like Guinness and Murphys) and great company.


 Multi-storey sports bar and restaurant in the heart of the city centre

The Roundy

Intimate live music venue


 Traditional Irish pub with a cosy, relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. Located conveniently on the road from the campus into the city centre (or in the other direction!)

The Sextant

Great Traditional Pub on the waterside with good grog, grub and garden. Located beside Cork’s City Hall, the congress dinner venue (hint, hint).

Franciscan Well

Pub, great beer garden and microbrewery all rolled into one


One of Cork's oldest pubs recently celebrating its 120th birthday

Arthur Mayne’s

 A 120-year-old pharmacy turned wine bar with great food


New York meatpacking style bar serving breakfast and lunch. Located close to City Hall.