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Children Daycare Registration

The LOC of ERSA2017 is proud to offer free use of exclusive daycare for children of ERSA2017 Congress participants. This service is provided by the professional childcare organization SKSG.   

SKSG is delighted to offer exclusive childcare daily from 8:30 until 17:30 for ERSA2017 Congress participants. Congress participants can register their children for this unique daycare program free of charge. Our aim is to make the stay in Groningen a special and most enjoyable experience for the children by offering them a range of activities in a safe and homely environment. 

The SKSG ERSA2017 daycare program is located in close proximity of the Congress venue in the City centre of Groningen.  

Daycare Activities and practical information
The exclusive SKSG ERSA2017 daycare program can accommodate children aged 0-12 years. Food, drink, baby milk powder (brand: Nutrilon), disposable diapers and extra dry clothing is provided by SKSG.
Needless to say we provide intensive individual care for all, and especially younger, children, and consult parents beforehand on important matters such as feeding and sleeping patterns. We offer the youngest children a fun packed day, with activities that are ideal for their age group.  
For older children we will make sure they can participate in a stimulating and interesting activity program, involving elements of the city of Groningen and the theme of the Congress. If possible we will take the children on outings in and around the city, for example to an exhibition or to the park. On the first day your child attends the daycare program, we will take the time to discuss all relevant details concerning your child and to answer any questions you might have.


Registration procedure
If you would like to register your child(ren) for the SKSG ERSA2017 Congress Daycare program, please fill in the registration form before June 9th 2017. After registration a staff member of the SKSG will contact you for further details regarding your child. Although the unique daycare program is free of charge, it is necessary to charge you fees when children are not showing up at the registered dates, unless the registration for daycare services is cancelled before July 31st 2017. Cancellations after July 31st 2017 or no-show of children at the registered dates, will force us to charge you with the actually costs incurred. You will receive an email to confirm the successful registration of your child(ren) for the daycare program. 


SKSG provides quality childcare to over 6000 children (0-12 years) in 75 fully equipped childcare centers in and around the city of Groningen. SKSG has provided childcare for over 100 years and is the largest childcare organization of the north of the Netherlands. SKSG continuously work on optimizing their quality standards and they are ISO/HKZ certified. This guarantees parents the highest standard of quality, hygiene and safety. 
Professional staff and high quality daycare
All staff members are trained and experienced in the childcare sector. They operate according to protocols. Our staff members speak and understand Dutch and English. If a child is not familiar with these languages, our staff members will use their non-lingual skills such as photographs and gesturing to communicate. They will do their utmost best to make a connection with each and every child, to make them feel at ease and happy, overcoming any language or cultural barriers along the way. At any time of the day during the Congress, there will always be at least two staff members present. The ratio we work with is one staff member to six children aged 0-4 years. And one staff member to ten children aged 4-12 years. These numbers are based on legal standards, stated in the Dutch Childcare Law (Wet Kinderopvang). 
Pedagogical concept
The SKSG pedagogical concept is focused on supporting children in their own unique development. Children are encouraged to explore their talents.