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Road to ERSA2017 Public Lectures Programme

The Road to ERSA 2017 consists of four public lectures by prominent regional scientists as a precursor to the ERSA Congress in August 2017 in Groningen. The lectures cover the broad field of regional sciences with implications for (Northern) Dutch regions and cities. 

We aim to: 
- have a constructive interaction between policy and regional science on relevant topics
- generate awareness and publicity for the ERSA Congress
- provide an outlet channel for sponsors and partners





October 6th 2016
Segregation in cities

Prof. dr. Maarten van Ham, University of Delft

Dr. Anet Weterings, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Kasteel, Groningen
November 10th 2016

Government and innovation

Prof. dr. Koen Frenken, University of Utrecht

Prof. dr. Dries Faems,  University of Groningen
Groninger Forum, Groningen

March 16th 2017

Infrastructure and mobility Prof. dr. Bettina Bock, University of Groningen
Dr. Lucas Harms, KIM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis
KIVI, The Hague
May 15th 2017

The Inclusive Region


Mariëtte Hamer, President of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER)

René Paas, King’s Commissioner of the Province of Groningen
Prof. Jouke van Dijk, President of ERSA


Statenzaal, Provincie Groningen Martinikerkhof, Groningen

Contact person LOC: Arjen Edzes.