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Post Congress Tour

The Groningen Congres Bureau has made this tour for ERSA participants only and GCB is responsible for bookings and realisation. If you have any questions about one of the tours please sent an e-mail to els@gcb.nl
To get access to the reservation module of the GCB follow this link. For questions, please write an email to els@gcb.nl.

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On your way home, a special tour through Holland (tickets are still available)

The most beautiful route to Schiphol Airport is along the Afsluitdijk (enclosing dyke or dam). The dyke was completed in 1932 and it not only transformed the Southsea to the IJsselmeer, it changed from a salt-water inlet to a fresh water inlet. This was a high level Dutch hydraulic engineering masterpiece, which represents their perpetual struggle against water. You will enjoy a 45-minute stop in order to observe this exceptional structure. You will arrive in Volendam at approximately 12.45 pm for lunch. Next there will be a guided walking tour through this unique Dutch fishing village, which is known for its unique location at the IJsselmeer, and the exceptional regional attire that is worn to this day. On our way to the airport (departure from Volendam 3.00 pm) we will visit the Zaanse Schans, this cannot be missed, because it is world famous for the Dutch windmills that are lined up in rows. The Zaanse Schans is a unique place in Holland, full tiny wooden homes, sheds, workshops and windmills dating back to the 18th and 19th century. When you are back home you will not soon forget this nostalgic part of Holland. After this wonderful last activity we will depart at 5.00 pm to arrive at Schiphol airport at 6.00 pm.

Saturday, September 2nd 2017
Meeting place:
09.30 am Martini hotel
09.45 am Hotel de Ville
10.00 am Mercure hotel
10.00 am from Mercure Groningen to Volendam, via Afsluitdijk
11.15 am -12.00 pm stop at the Afsluitdijk
12.00 - 12.45 pm continue to Volendam
12.45 - 1.45 pm lunch at Volendam
1.45 - 3.00 pm walking tour Volendam
3.00 - 3.45 pm transfer to the Zaanse Schans
3.45 - 5.00 pm walking through the Zaanse Schans
5.00 - 6.00 pm transfer to Schiphol Airport
Cost: € 159.- per person (incl. lunch)