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Experience Groningen!

As a lively university city, Groningen has the youngest average population in the Netherlands. It has a long and turbulent history, which becomes evident from the historic warehouses, courts and buildings. Groningen is a bold city and it is home to numerous examples of innovative architecture. In addition, it was once proclaimed the city with the best city centre in the Netherlands because of its charm. Experience all of this and explore Groningen! Groningen Discoveries booklet

http://citytrip.groningen.nl/en/ and http://toerisme.groningen.nl/en/about-groningen/city-of-groningen


Groningen Museum

The Groningen Museum is located opposite the main central station and is the most high-profile museum in the Netherlands

City Walk
Groningen is the perfect place to explore for those who love architecture. The old and the new complement each other.


There are all sorts of ways in which to explore Groningen. For example, you can see the city from a whole other angle from the water.