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Consider coming a few days early: festivals in late August!

On the 28th of August Groningen has a local holiday and celebrates ‘Groningen Liberated’, or ‘Bommen Berend’ as we call it.
In 1672 the Siege of Groningen was fought during the Franco-Dutch war. On the 28th of August the victory was for the Dutch, avoiding the Bishop of Münster to conquer more of the Netherlands. On the 28th of August the city celebrates, with live music in the public spaces in the inner city, a fair, activities for children and a great show with fireworks.

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The Noorderzon festival 17-28 August 2017 is the Groningen Performing Arts Festival in the open air.
The festival has excellent performances of arts, music, theatre, and comedians. All accompanied by delicious food, drinks and a great atmosphere! The festival has been awarded many prices and has been mentioned in the Global arts guide of the New York Times

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